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Exploring all aspects of wealth in its fascinating beauty and polarising raw reality.

Grow it, protect it, spend it, share it!

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- gold
- diamonds
- cash

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This theme visualizes the glistening, colorful and magnificent world of sea life in an expressive and playful way - inspired by countless diving sessions.

liquid life cycles in progress

-deep sea

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The mystique of the "black box" converting input into output and the uncovering truth and insight represented in the "white box"

black & white cycles in progress

-black box
-white box

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Exploring and encountering the metaphysics and impact of colors and forms in our lives. From playful to scientific approaches the theme colors & forms is an endless journey into our consciousness and how we individually perceive the world around us.

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Encounters are experiences.


and ultimately nothingness.

encounter cycles in progress


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